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Posted June 1, 2016.

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    Industry Leading

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Why work for Wren

We believe that quality sub-contracted professional tradesmen and installers, who share our commitment to delivering the highest possible service and workmanship standards, are essential for success.

We consider all our sub-contracted tradesmen or installers as being "Approved by Wren", so we refer to you as an "Approved Installer". We promise our customers that all installation work will be performed, completed and guaranteed as it appears in the customer terms and conditions. We need your help to make this happen.

We make sure all our ‘Approved Installers’ have Head Office coordinator support on every installation to work towards a 24/48 turnaround of stock along with a supporting Installation manager in the field.

Relevant Skills

  • We ask that you are a competent tradesman in Joinery, Kitchen installations and have a good knowledge of building regulations. We also require you to have a qualified electrician and gas engineer (dependent on room type) who can provide the correct documents for his trade.
  • You will need good communication skills to engage with our customers as well as organisational skills to be able to manage and organise your teams during the installations. We require you to manage an online diary to make us aware of your availability and other commitments.

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