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Have you got what it takes to join the UK's leading kitchen and bedroom retailer as an approved, self-employed installer? At Wren, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. We've set a new standard for home installations, making the process easier and more efficient for our installers.

  • BiKBBi 2024 winner
  • BiKBBi Winner 2024

More great reasons to become a Wren Kitchens installer

Custom software

Wren supplied iPad with bespoke software to make managing your installations easy and transparent.

We bring the work to you

Why spend valuable earning time and money advertising, marketing and chasing jobs when we will bring the work straight to you?

No admin fees

You invoice customers directly for any supplementary works - Wren do not take any admin fees.

Financial security

Install for an industry leading company that is financially secure and can pay you on time and in full.

Reliable delivery

We deliver 99.5% on time and in full. We also provide a fast track, 24-hour delivery service for replacement parts, which are easily ordered on site using the Wren App.

Dedicated support team

Wren is behind you all the way with over 200 installation co-ordinators and dedicated Field Installation Managers to support you.

Best documentation & plans

The most comprehensive and easy to follow installation documentation with dedicated plan checkers.

First Class Onboarding

Self-employed, Wren approved installers are given a full induction (in a showroom local to them) and BiKBBi membership