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This is where our journey began in the East Yorkshire town of Howden in 2009. Ideally located just off the M62, our 250,000 sq.ft. Howden manufacturing facility is at the heart of our assembly process and always will be, ensuring our kitchens are picture perfect before being delivered across the UK.

Leading the Way with Innovation

Our ethos is all about keeping everything in-house from order, through manufacturing to delivery and installation, as it allows us the greatest opportunities for continuous improvement.

But at the heart of our Howden factory is our talented team of 350 workers who underpin the success to deliver excellence and an industry-leading approach. They’re committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and always seeking opportunities to streamline our manufacturing process and supply chain further.

“This truly is the best place to work. With the best people. Producing the best products. With the best equipment around in every area!”

- Bev Farmery, VP of Howden Operations

Meeting High Standards

Our Howden factory has achieved the official stamp of approval by the worldwide standard-setting agency - International Standards Organisation (ISO).

We’ve been awarded the following:

* ISO 9001 - Recognising our efforts to continually improve and streamline the performance of the business.
* ISO 45001 - Praising our focus on team members’ health, safety and welfare.
* ISO 14001 - Proactively minimising our environmental impact with several recycling initiatives meaning nothing goes to landfill unless it really has to.

Reducing Waste

We do our best to make sure the local environment is at the heart of our manufacturing, with 97% of our waste being recycled. We also source our materials sustainably, and 25% of our materials come from local woodland.

Official Approved Training

We’ve received the seal of approval for our first-class manufacturing training facilities.

After a rigorous three-day assessment, the British Accreditation Council (BAC) recommended the standards and quality of our bespoke health and safety training. 

This top accolade means that we train to the same high standards as colleges and further education courses.

We’ve significantly invested in our manufacturing training facilities – it’s a replica of the factory floor consisting of assembly, marshalling, dispatch and packing areas, and it also features a study centre.